A New Chapter

The very first post on a new blog/site is meant to introduce the author to its readers, but you guys… that just does not feel right for this space I’ve been given. I am not new to blogging and in fact I blogged almost daily for 9 years (2006-2015). I know I’m supposed to say my name (Heidi Sonboul) and tell you what I’m all about (Motherhood, family, crafts, design, losing weight…), but instead I feel compelled to share the last few years of my life and why I pulled away from blogging to take a break.

4 years ago I felt broken, lost, and not sure if I could heal myself (have you ever felt this way?). At that time I was working non stop “trying” to reach my dreams and because of it, I  experienced a terrible miscarriage. I was in need of rescue and was unclear where to even start. With an overworked body and crushed spirit I pulled back from everything and I mean everything! I turned down church callings, shut down our family company, stopped blogging, pulled my babies and hubby in close, and moved from the west to the midwest. With time I taught myself to breathe again. It was hard work. Like… REALLY HARD WORK! I had to confront myself and the things I allowed to hurt me. Business!

I started small and just embraced the fact that I was broken and lost. I leaned deeply into God and our Savior, trusting that they could heal me and hold me up when I wasn’t able to stand. I stopped worrying about my past mistakes. I stopped obsessing about what I couldn’t predict for the future. It was challenging to be in the raw moments and when I finally got my footing, it felt so freeing to embrace the real me. I stopped titling myself and just allowed me to be Heidi. I stopped caring about what others thought and “if” I let them down. I became the spirited girl with big hair, who had a huge desire to share God’s love.

If I’m being honest… this post was extremely challenging for me to write, but I know it’s time. I have healed and I’m ready to share what I’ve learned with the world. I am hear to testify that just because you feel broken and your family is struggling… does not mean that it can’t be repaired and you should quit. God can heal all broken hearts, but you have to trust His timing. He knows you best and can see the best road ahead.

With all that said… what can you expect from this site?

Tips and tricks on how to build a loving family and home, fun and easy crafts that will actually benefit your life, my journey of becoming a healthy mama (I’m working on losing 100 lbs), budgeting and how we got out of debt, real talk when it comes to parenting, and how to keep your kids close in this challenging world we live in. 

Life is such a beautiful messy gift and it can be hard to figure it all out when there isn’t a “How-To” manual. I personally know and look forward to sharing what I’ve learned along my life’s adventures. My wish is that my growing pains will help you when you are in need of something uplifting in your day. Thank you for stopping by and being a friend. It means the world to me.


  1. Sierra

    I didn’t follow you before but I’m glad to get to know you now. You’re a real inspiration and a real power go getter and I need more of that in my life (who doesn’t?). Getting to read your thoughts here and watch your life on Youtube are like my favorite things from v/bloggers.

  2. Nancy Cuppett

    Heidi, It is not easy to put yourself out their and admit you are struggling. I am so pleased with who you are the how the road you have been traveling the last 4 years has helped you become the beautiful woman you are. You are amazing! Heavenly Father has blessed you with so many talents but the most important one is compassion and empathy for others through her own personal experiences. You will touch many lives as you share your experiences on this blog. Love you more than words can express and am so pleased with who you are at this moment.

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