10 Fun & Fast Red White & Blue DIY Crafts

10 Fun & Fast Red White & Blue DIY Crafts

10 DIY 4th Of July Crafts & A Free Printable

I feel that this year many of us are excited for the 4th of July for one main reason. We get to hang out with family and friends again. With the U.S. starting to open back up, I know I’m personally thrilled to be with loved ones AND it has majorly put me in a red white & blue decorating mood.

Today I have 10 NEW DIY crafts to try. You can use the links below to go directly to each craft.

  1. Wooden Handle Fireworks
  2. Red White & Blue Wooden Bead Garland
  3. Uncle Sam Nesting Boxes
  4. Red White & Blue Stacking Star Boxes
  5. American Flag Mason Jars
  6. Upcycled Star Food Cans
  7. Gift Box Drum & Drumsticks
  8. American Flag Hanging Plaque
  9. Red White & Blue Liberty Bell
  10. Stars & Stripes Bucket Planter

If you would like to make these yourself, You can CLICK HERE to see my Step-by-Step on how I made each of these. If you are looking for more fun DIY projects to try, you can check out my DIY YouTube Channel for additional ideas and inspiration.

Also, feel free to CLICK HERE or on the image below to get a free printable I designed for these DIY Crafts.

Wooden handle Fireworks

4th Of July Wooden Handle Fireworks DIY Craft

This first DIY might be my favorite out of the 10. I had so much fun painting each wooden handle a different look and the printable works perfectly with it. I added rope and twine to the top of the handles and now they look like fireworks.


Red White & Blue Wooden Bead Garland

4th Of July Red white and blue wooden bead Garland DIY Craft

This 2nd DIY was adorable and extremely easy to make. Adding a star to each end of the long twine plus red, wooden, and blue beads make it perfect for any decor spot in your home. I personally wrapped it around my white lamp.

Uncle Sam Nesting Boxes

4th Of July Uncle Sam Nesting Boxes DIY Craft

Okay, Uncle Sam might be my 2nd favorite. HAHA there is something about his grumpy face that gets me each time I look at him. The best part about this DIY is that they each of the upper boxes store nicely inside of the biggest box. The Step-By-Step video, I linked above, shows how they all stack inside of each other. Oh, and the little star are buttons I found at Joann’s. Aren’t they so CUTE?

Red White & Blue Stacking Star Boxes

4th Of July Red white and blue Stacking star Boxes DIY Craft

This DIY happens to be really popular this season. I’ve seem many other crafters making this, but for mine I changed the top square by facing the opening up so I could add some greenery to it. I personally love greenery all throughout our home. This is also the first time I tried out this new gold metallic paint from Folk Art and I’m so impressed. I’ve tried other gold paints before, but this is, hands down, my new favorite one. I plan on using this a lot more on other DIY crafts.

American Flag Mason Jars

4th Of July american flag mason Jars DIY Craft

I will always be a sucker for a mason jar craft and this particular one is super easy to recreate with 3 jars, paint and 1 piece of twine. Each jar has its own look and I added back on the gold lid rings to complete the look. I am personally using these for utensils and I’m so happy with how they turned out.

Upcycled Star Food Cans

4th Of July upcycled red white and blue star food cans DIY Craft

These food cans are a fast upcycle which is great for our planet. A little bit of paint, 3 stars, and some twine is all you will need. At the last moment I decided to flip my white can up and added a little greenery. Again… I love greenery. Wouldn’t these be so cute on a bathroom shelf or at an entry way.

Gift Box Drum & Drumsticks

4th Of July gift box drum and drumsticks DIY Craft

While doing some research for this post and video I came across a photo of an old drum. I knew right away that I had the perfect Dollar Tree gift box for it. Using 2 round boxes, paint, 1 piece of striped scrapbook paper, push pins, twine, ribbon, skewer sticks, 2 wooden balls, a large star and a bead garland… I was able to make my own mini drum. I think the drumsticks really finishes it off nicely and I now want to make a bigger version of this.

American Flag Hanging Plaque

4th Of July American Flag hanging plaque DIY Craft

This DIY cost pennies to make, but the impact is darling while hanging it up on a hook or door knob. I love little details like this around my home and it just shows that you don’t have to have a lot to get the look.

Red White & Blue Liberty Bell

4th Of July Red white and blue liberty bell DIY Craft

This liberty bell was a Christmas bell I’ve been waiting to use for a while. I noticed back around Christmas time that it would be perfect for a Red White & Blue look. The popsicle stick wood beam and the wooden finial on top (from Hobby Lobby) really give it an elevated look. Then I finished it off with a twine bow and a 2 layered button embellishment.

Stars & Stripes Bucket Planter

4th Of July stars and stripes bucket planter DIY Craft

Last but certainly not least is this thrift flip. With blue spray paint I gave this old metal bucket a new look. I added some ribbons with stars and stripes around it and tied a bow. Lastly, I put a white star on the bow and put a plant inside it. I’m so happy with how charming this looks at our front porch. A perfect way to welcome guests this coming summer.

All 10 DIY Ideas for 4th Of July

10 4th Of July DIY Crafts

Friends, I hope you enjoyed these 10 ideas today. Remember, make sure to watch the video for all the step by step instructions on how I built all of these projects.

Now I want to hear from you. Which one is your favorite and which one do you think you will try?


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