9 Autumn Home Decor Ideas – Sunflower In a Can

9 Autumn Home Decor Ideas – Sunflower In a Can

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With Fall just around the corner, I created 9 easy to follow DIY crafts. In this post I’m sharing 1 of those projects that is full of happiness. For years the sunflower has been one of my favorite flowers, so I wanted to make a simple, but charming decor piece.

Firstly, I made this simple FREE PRINTABLE with sunflowers on it to use a a label


Then, Using an empty can, I added the printable label and distressed it with paint to create an easy new item for a table or decor shelf. I think the sunflower is so happy looking in its “old” rustic can.

sunflower in a distressed tin can with a sunflower valley label

If you would like to see the other 8 projects shown above, I have THIS FUN INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO that walks you through all the steps.

Fall is my favorite season, but how about you? What is your favorite season?



  1. sherry K aldridge

    Thank you Heidi, for these printables. I have been working long hours at work and finished up a project today. All I can think about is getting to my craft room and creating some things with the sunflower printable. Sunflowers are one of my favorites.

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