CREATIVE CHAMPION – Round 3 – Trash To Treasure!

CREATIVE CHAMPION – Round 3 – Trash To Treasure!

Spring Trash To Treasure projects

Welcome to another round in our CREATIVE CHAMPION contest. I can’t believe we are already halfway to deciding our winner. This week, each contestant was tasked with creating not ONE but TWO “Trash To Treasure” spring related projects from a thrifted or trashed item. These ladies have created some amazing projects.

CREATIVE CHAMPION Contest Contestants Round 3

I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate you supporting these ladies with your votes. They really put their hearts into their projects. Your votes let them know their talents are admired by others. I’m grateful to all our contestants for the time they put in and their wonderful crafts. I hope everyone finds their crafts inspiring.


We had to say goodbye to Savannah (Savvy Crafts With Savannah), and Allie (Actually Allie DIY) who were eliminated last week and will not be moving forward. Thank for sharing your projects and talents with everyone. I know you will continue to create many more amazing crafts.

We will be eliminating 2 final contestants this week before we move on to our exciting finale next week. So you can click HERE to see their step by step instructions for their “Trash To Treasure” projects and then vote below for your favorite project to help this week’s contestants make it to the final round.

Happy voting.

CREATIVE CHAMPION - Round 3: Vote For Your Favorite Craft
  • AnnaLee Ashby
  • Simple Yet Chic
  • Crafting Cousins
  • Christi Creates


  1. Shirley Desrochers

    Hello, I keep trying to vote but your site doesn’t allow me to do so. I click on my choice then follow the rest and it keeps coming up choose an option to vote.

  2. Kelli Hull

    FABULOUS projects! I always have to vote for the best idea and end result, of course I have my hopeful winner but I must vote according to standards! Such a huge contest and I know all of these creators are full of stress! Relax ladies! You are all doing a wonderful job! PS LOVE the makeshift hammers LOLOL

  3. Robin Ellis

    I click on the link to vote and never get a chance to do so because it says “thank you for your vote” already…but I never got to vote. I’m not sure why it is doing that because I was able to vote last time just fine.

  4. Heidi, Thank you for bringing together all of this talent in one place. I’m already a sub on all of their channels because I love their work. IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE. Good luck to the final four.

  5. Marlene

    Crafting Cousins is getting my vote again. I love, I love what you made this week. I just changed my vote to crafting cousins 3 weeks ago and I’m very glad that I did.

  6. Lesa McClain

    Each lady did a beautiful job and I can tell a lot of thought and talent went into each project, but Christi Creates got my vote because, not only did I love her projects, but I saw a new technique that I loved and can do to give my own projects a more high end look.

  7. Tamara Henggeler

    HELP! Earlier I couldn’t get my vote to be acknowledged, and I just returned to try again to see if things were fixed and it says thank you for voting. What can I do? I want to cast a vote for Crafting Cousins.

  8. It’s such a hard choice. Between Analee and Christi! 😫 They are both amazing crafters.

    Thank you Heidi for always supporting other crafters. You are such an amazing woman with the biggest heart. You are always uplifting others. ❤ You are what I inspire to be towards others. God bless you. 🙏❤

  9. Girls you are all so talented. Can I say that taking apart the wicker basket and turning it into a decorative mirror! That was so out of the box! Not in my decorative style but wow so creative rather than the obvious. Good luck everyone!!!!

  10. Amber

    I loved at least one project from each contestant, such a hard decision. The dresser drawer planter ended up with my vote. Such a smart project that I badly want to recreate!

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