CREATIVE CHAMPION – Round 4 – Final Vote For The Winner!

CREATIVE CHAMPION – Round 4 – Final Vote For The Winner!

Creative Champion Contest final round project images

We made it! The final round of the CREATIVE CHAMPION contest is here. It’s time to decide on a winner. These ladies have been crafting their hearts out for the last 3 weeks. Now it all comes down to our last week of voting. For the final round each contestant was given free reign to decide what they wanted to use for their projects and what to make. Additionally, they each made 3 projects so there would be more to share and showcase their talents.

Creative Champion final Round contestants

Before we move on to the voting though, let’s take a moment to recognize our contestants who didn’t make it through to the final round. Last week we bid a fond farewell to a few crafters that have really made some amazing projects throughout this contest. Thank you Trish and Kay (Crafting Cousins), and Christi (Christi Creates) for joining us on this journey. It’s been a pleasure having you with us.


Thank you also to everyone for coming along this ride with us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and support through your votes and comments. It means the world to us.

Now it’s time for you to decide who will be chosen as the CREATIVE CHAMPION. Before you vote, please make sure to FIRST go and watch how these beautiful projects were made. The pictures just don’t do justice to the hard work and effort that went into their projects. They are truly wonderful creations. Click HERE to see the step by step instructions. Come back here AFTER watching the video and vote for the last time to choose your favorite set of projects.

Voting starts 03/26/2021 at 12pm CST.

CREATIVE CHAMPION - Final Round: Vote For Your Favorite Crafts
  • AnnaLee Ashby
  • Simple Yet Chic


  1. Cynthia M Wall

    This was really hard to pick. In the end i went with what i would like to make. I’ve really enjoyed all the contestants and there crafts. Thanks everyone and special thanks to Heidi for putting it together.

    1. Angela Carbino

      I really enjoyed watching the creative championship contest.. every week.. they were all so wonderfully talented! I was honored to be able to vote and give my support to one of the ladies or (two)depending… lol!
      Thank you Heidi for hosting it and giving all of us some fun entertainment and, inspiration to watch! ❤ I know this couldn’t have been easy to organize..( even online voting .. wow.. insane!!) I understand your hubby is talented in the computer area “thank you” to him as well I know that took some work!! Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Deborah Barrett

    Thank you Heidi, this was something I looked forward to in these crazy uncertain times. I agree with the other person who said I voted on projects that I will be attempting to recreate for my home. All the contestants are fantastic.

  3. jessica mata

    Sooo very hard to choose,but, the creativity of the skewers and rope bird house was just so thought provoking I had to choose hers. Love love the lemon decor too. Best of everything to all the contestants and Heidi too.

  4. Lisa Waschko

    Wow! Excellent examples of making something out of nothing, making do with what you’ve got, and plain old creativity. These ladies are so inspiring and make you feel good!

  5. Charlene Griffis

    First, let me thank Heidi for making this possible!! And a wonderful idea to showcase so many talented creators for us to enjoy and learn from. Each creator worked hard and created some fantastic projects! I’ve truly enjoyed this with the exception of having to vote for one each round, but fairest to all. Very hard to pick— Each participant should be very proud of their work. The 2 finalists are awesome as well! Good luck to you both. Great job ladies.💯👍❤️😊

  6. These 2 ladies did an amazing job on the DIYs for this challenge. I wished both could win to me all of y’all are winners. Y’all are very inspiring to me not just crafting but also how y’all each have a channel and show us your talent. Thanks to all those who participated in the Creative Championship. This is so hard to pick….it took me a while to choose but finally did. Prayers and blessing to each of you. Can’t wait to see what the next one brings. 🐣🐰🐇💐

  7. This was difficult to vote on each round! I wanted to vote, 1 vote for most projects throughout the competition but since that was not an option, I voted for the projects that I would love make the most and display in my home! Very hard to choose on a few of them!! Today that little bird cage spoke to me the mistaking with the tree in the flower pot was just so cute! 2 of some of my favorite things!!!
    Lemons are so bright and beautiful, love lemon in everything but my kitchen decor is Cows 🐄 with black and white accent pieces to match, so even though the lemons are beautiful and love the craft and would make them for one of my best friends, I voted for what I would want the most in my home!
    There ladies are extremely talented!!! IM so in awe at their creativity!!! Thanks to everyone that shared there ideas and all the hard work!! Love this channel. I have found so many people to watch through Heidi’s channel and she’s amazingly talented and creative!

  8. V. Patricia

    Hi Heidi, Love your Channels and Really enjoyed this DIY Challenge! I’ve gotten to explore many new and creative crafters and tried my hand at a few projects.
    Would love to see the whole challenge in a compilation video un the future. Have a wonderful Easter Ladies

  9. Malinda

    Oh my, Heidi! Both ladies made beautiful projects, I love them all. With that being said, I am not gonna vote. Ok, I am, but dang it is hard…lol Thank you so much for hosting this challenge/contest.

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