Creative Champion – Season 2 – Round 2

Creative Champion – Season 2 – Round 2

creative champion contest round 2 projects heidi sonboul

Last week was so hard. 3 contestants were voted out and we had to say goodbye to 3 talented friends in the competition. Melissa from 4 Quarter Crafts , BiancaAnn D, and Lacee’s Space. Each lady did an amazing job and I’m so grateful they took part in the fun.

This week we have 6 contestants moving on. They each have submitted 1 project and you get to vote again. While there wasn’t a theme, it’s kinda neat how the projects all looked summer themed. Remember to watch the video of the projects being made because it’s amazing how these ladies made their projects. So much attention to detail.

Creative Champion contest round 2 contestants heidi sonboul

You can watch Round 2 of the Creative Champion Contest HERE.

Once you have voted here, do make sure to enjoy the hop as well. Each of the contestant have ALSO created 4 other projects that will air on their channels and in each of their description boxes it links you from one channel to the next. Altogether, they share an additional 24 DIY crafts for you to see and learn.

Now it is time to vote. You only get 1 vote, so choose wisely for your favorite project.

CREATIVE CHAMPION Season 2 - Round 2: Vote For Your Favorite Project
  • Unicorn Dust Designs
  • DIY Beauty On Purpose
  • Crafting With Maria
  • faythchik777’s DIY by Design
  • Lovin' Life's Journey
  • Monarch Mom DIY

Thank you all so much for stopping by to vote today. This contest wouldn’t be anything without you coming to help. The next 4 contestants will be announced on Tuesday where 2 more will be eliminated. We have 2 more rounds after this week and then will have our next Creative Champion.

If you missed last season’s winner, make sure to visit AnnaLee Ashby. She was the champion of that season and her final projects were SO ADORABLE! She created a lemon theme.


    1. It was a hard decision All was Amazing but it was down to 2 contestants, –Beauty On Purpose omg so Stunning (I will make that for sure for my porch) & Faythchik777’s hers was Stood out from all the others, the little Bee’s what got me. I also do crafts it was so Original

  1. I liked all the current creations, but my favorite is always on Monarch Mom. Thank you Heidi for presenting such talent and allowing us the pleasure and inspiration of such a wide range of talented diy artists. I enjoy watching. Thank you.

  2. Dianna

    I absolutely love the hanging light by DYI Beauty on Purpose. Such an awesome idea and beautifully executed.
    While I watch all of Sammie’s uploads and agree she does amazing work, I, in good faith, can’t vote 🗳 for whom I usually gravitate towards.
    Good luck ladies!!!! 💖

  3. Was harder to pick a favorite this time around. I got it down to 3 favorites and made my decision based on the details. Linda from faythchick777 got my vote. She has such a special and unique way to her crafting. I love het attention to detail in everything she does. I would be proud to display any of these in my home
    . good luck ladies.

  4. Deborah Barrett

    When Lovin life’s journey turned that football frame into the beautiful flower… I don’t know what to call it…decor piece?… I was amazed. So creative and talented. I am definitely going to make it too. Thanks to all the ladies, so many ideas that I can’t wait to make! I wish I could vote for more than 1. Thanks for doing this Heidi.

  5. All were amazing but I have to go with beauty on purpose. I love the lights and would be amazing on a porch or my back deck if it was covered but I wouldn’t be able to use outdoors and have to use inside but I would find. Place because it’s just too beautiful. Great job to all the ladies.

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