Creative Champion – Season 2 – Round 3 – So Many DIY Styles

Creative Champion – Season 2 – Round 3 – So Many DIY Styles

creative champion contest season 2 round 3 DIY projects

Ready For The Next Round

Time is flying by because today is round 3 in Season 2 of the Creative Champion Contest. We are down to just 4 contestants who are showcasing their different DIY Styles this week. Then next week we will move on to the final round with the last 2 standing.

Today each of contestant has submitted 2 projects for the contest. This is so that you can really get to know them as crafters. They each picked their own themes and supplies to work with for their projects. I’ve got to tell you friends, these girls TRULY are TALENTED! The attention to detail is so fun to look over and I loved seeing how different their DIY styles are. Farmhouse, Boho, Traditional, and Coastal. WOW!

Creative Champion Season 2 round 3 contestants

Special Thanks To Our Contestants

As always, I want to give a special thanks to the ladies who were voted out last week. Cindy (Monarch Mom) and Chantel (Lovin’ Life’s Journey) did such an amazing idea, but sadly received the least amount of votes in the last round. I want them to know how much I adore them both and am so grateful they joined in on this season.

Time To Watch & Vote

Alright friends. If you haven’t already, Please CLICK HERE to watch how each contestant made their projects (It’s worth it). Then come back and cast your vote. Please remember that you only have 1 vote. I know that some of you had a hard time getting your vote through last time. If it is giving you a hard time, please come back on the next day and try again. That seems to be working for some.

CREATIVE CHAMPION Season 2 - Round 3: Vote For Your Favorite Project
  • DIY Beauty On Purpose
  • Unicorn Dust Designs
  • Crafting With Maria
  • faythchik777’s DIY by Design

Don’t Forget The Contestant HOP

ALSO! DON’T FORGET! Today over on my DIY YouTube Channel at 11:30am EST there is a hop for the girls in the contest. The link to the hop is in my video description box. Look for “HOP TO THE NEXT CHANNEL” which will link you to the first video in the hop 🙂


Thank you everyone who has voted and has made this contest fun. It’s so wonderful that regardless of our DIY Styles, we all have crafting in common. It truly warms my heart and best of luck to this week’s contestant. I’m so proud to call you all my friends.


    1. I really enjoyed most of these!! However my 🦄 girl Sammie 🦄 just edged out Maria… those were wonderful.. Maria… 🙌
      . Those were AH-MAZING!!!! Loved that boho yarn what a super happy mistake! 😄

    2. JanMarie

      I agree, DIY Beauty on Purpose had an absolutely original idea. It was refreshing and although each person paid attention to detail, worked a long time and or maintained cohesiveness in their projects she looked at a piece of regular fire wood and envisioned a ⛵sailboat.

    1. Rachel Michel

      Oh I know we are all having a hard time picking just one……. These lady’s are so talented and they all work so hard. I just want them all to know that they bring so much joy to my life. I love watching them all! Good Luck to everyone of y’all!

  1. Sharon Pendleton

    I loved them all but Unicorn was my favorite, little more modern,kind of getting away from farm house a little.She makes everything with little to nothing and it turns out beautiful everytime

  2. Juanitarella

    Hello my vote today is for #3 Linda 💕. I Simply Adore & Love Linda’s Beautifully done Lady Bug lol I am a Ladybug Lady! I loved all but Linda is today’s choice for Me. Congrats to all really Great Diy”s

  3. Helen Delgado

    Wow so hard to vote …. love all these talented ladies! I will vote according to which project in itself I would want to re create ! Thank you all for i spiring me! Thank you Heidi for putting this all together;)!!

  4. Krystal Lanterman

    SAMMIE GETS MY VOYE EVERYTIME! she is absolutely amazing and the sweetest person ever! She makes everything turn out absolutely gorgeous 😍! Great job girl!

  5. This was a hard vote. My personal preference is The farmhouse decor, but I just thought the flip-flops and the sailboat was very creative so I had to vote for Beauty on Purpose. All four of you did beautiful work and it’s inspiring to sit and watch you create these pieces to give us some inspiration to be able to create our own.

  6. This was definitely a hard decision! Ultimately I ended up going with Sammi from Unicorn Dust Designs. While my style is more modern farmhouse my children are decorating with more of the boho style. In fact my daughter and son-in-law are doing their baby girl’s nursery in a boho motif. I really think Samm’s 2nd project would look beautiful in that space.

    1. Sammie

      What a beautiful nursery that will be Angela! If you checked out my video for today you will get tons more ideas for nursery decor. Thank you for taking the time to vote for me.

  7. Lori LeBeau

    There is not a place to vote for this round on this page. All I see is thank you for your vote. This thing is, I haven’t voted for this round yet and would like to.

  8. Ruth

    I guess we are voting differently than before. I had several I wanted to pick, but I chose FaythChick as my winner this week!
    I hope this is how we are voting this week…I didn’t see the usual pictures with the place to click on it!

  9. Anne-Marie Lewis

    Each of the ladies did a splendid job, but my vote is consistently for Unicorn, mostly because Sammie’s style is closer to what “fits” here, in my English home. ♥️

  10. Kelli Hull

    This OG paper crafter has to stay where my heart is and give credit to all the details!!!!! Faythchuck777 continues to steal my breath and heart! ALL contestants did a FABULOUS job!!!!!

  11. I lii ok CE all the DIYs and am going to try Maria’s shelf because I love Farmhouse but vote is for Sammie at Unicorn Dust Designs. She goes outside of her comfort zone and tries different styles and no matter what style she does, she nails it! Amazing job Sammie😉

  12. Jennifee

    I’m sorry I hate to leave comments complaining but it sad I just finished watching all of the videos for this week it is 1130 on saturdy night and And when I came back To cast my vote the website said thank you for casting your vote I didn’t get to cast my vote I never got the option to

  13. Imsogodsgurl

    Get mad if you like, but I don’t think the comments should be enabled here. How many times have any one of you gone to the polls and came out announcing who you voted for? Doing that here mocks this process and basically creates a popularity contest instead of a creative contest. I also don’t think it is ethical for any contestant to send out e-mails asking for votes. This is about these talented creators showcasing their talents not who Miss Congeniality is

    1. Allie

      First of all- you’re the only one who sounds mad.
      Second- this is a crafting contest – not a political election – people are just trying to show support and encouragement.
      Third- your username doesn’t really fall in line with your attitude.
      All these crafters are fantastic & talented and popular. (I was going to say who I voted for but I didn’t want to stir the pot!😁)

  14. MarieB

    Wow that was a hard vote! All the ladies were great, but Maria and DIY on Purpose were surely the best! I wanted to vote for Maria because she’s more my style, but I had to be fair and vote for the most original and talented, so I had to go with Leonette (spelling?). I feel bad but that sailboat and sandals were just WOW!!!! Good job to all the ladies though…They were all awesome and should be proud of themselves! 👏🏼

  15. This was really hard. I was fascinated by the sail boat AND that detailed lady bug. After several back and forth my decision was based on with of the second items I liked best by those two designers. So the Sandals and the planter were the factors the finalized my decision…….

    So I finally settled on the sail boat and sandals, DIY Beauty on Purpose.

    BUT ALL THE LADIES WERE GREAT! Good luck ladies.

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