Decorating Red White & Blue For The 4th of July

Decorating Red White & Blue For The 4th of July

4th of July just makes me so happy. So this year, even though we were so busy and all caught a cold, I knew I needed to decorate. In my living spaces of the home (living room, Office, and Kitchen) I made sure to pick colors that were neutral and would allow me to switch out colors and themes throughout the year. I didn’t want to be limited to just one look. I’ve included photos of how I decorated for 4th of July. I you would like to watch the video that goes with this, you can CLICK HERE.

4th of july Front Door Welcome Mat and Red White And Blue DIY Kite

Style And Color

My style can be a little tricky to explain. I LOVE traditional furniture mixed with farmhouse decor but I also LOVE, and could never live without, color. I can even admit that I get bored of just one color palate for too long. Like I said, I love color and I really enjoy having fresh new looks around me every few months. It keeps me inspired and loving our home.

Red Freedom pillow and gingham red and white table tray
Red and white gingham tray and red gingham pillow

Red White & Blue Decor

Since the walls and furniture are neutral, it has allowed me to bring in the Red, White, and Blue decor. I have collected many items over the years, DIY crafted many of them too, and even found some new fun finds on Amazon. The items below, that I decorated with, came from Amazon.

If you would like any of these items to bring some more color into your home or to celebrate 4th of July, I have provided the links below. A quick disclosure. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This just means that if you click on any of the Amazon links below and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Pictured Above
8 Pleated Fan American FlagsRed, White, blue Table RunnerTwo Tiered Tray
White and Blue Star PillowParty Pin Wheels Kit
Bead GarlandBlue and White Gingham Pillow American, Freedom, Liberty, and Flag Pillow
Red TruckRuffle Gingham Pillow Red and White

Shown In Blog Post Pics
Tall White LampsBarrel Side TableDining Room Hang Chandelier

Just a Few Pillows & A Red Truck

I think pillows are the easiest way to change a room’s look. I personally love buying just the pillow covers and keeping the main stuffed pillow insert on the couch all year long. In the past, I used to buy new pillows all the time and after a while it took over a corner in our home. Now I just buy Pillow covers because they cost a lot less and take up less space when I am not using them.


I also added this vintage red truck to add some style and to hold this DIY Flag Mason Jar.

4th of july Red decorative truck with DIY American flag mason jar

A Little Kitchen Decor

In the kitchen I kept things pretty simple. Just a few fun dishes and a little decor tray in the corner. I like having a simple kitchen, because it makes it so much easier to keep clean when you have kids. I guess you could say that I’m a minimalist when it comes to my dishes and what I cook with.

Fireworks In The Office

For the office, I went very whimsical. I used paper fan circles and a beaded garland to really dress up the entry way. My kids said “it looks like fireworks” and I totally agree. I know for some this might be over the top, but it really makes me happy.

paper fan circles, banners, and red beaded garlands over office entrance

I also added paper fan circles on my office pin board (above my desk) and I love the way it draws your eye into the room.

View of office with fan circle decorations, beaded garlands, and red white and blue pillows

Piano Decor Shelves

Above the piano (that I chalk painted a couple years ago and is still holding up GREAT) are my decor shelves. I love layering in random things like books, plants, and frames to get the look. I make sure to think in the shape of a triangle and pare things together in 3’s or odd numbers.

Decor shelves over chalk painted piano

For example… the gingham plate changer, the wagon, and the flower garden pot. Then up at the top left… the 3 frames together. It helps group the items together without them feeling oddly placed.

DIY decorative wagon with american flags

2 Tiered Treat Tray

Another thing on my Todo list was to create a treat tray for the 4th of July. One that family and friends could pick at all throughout the weekend. I love spoiling my loved ones with sweet treats on holiday and I love a good theme like red, white and blue.

2 tier tray with various snacks

Trays & Pillows for Easy Clean-Up

Back over in the living room I try to always keep my floors cleared and use large items like pillows and trays to corral all the items. That way clean up is easy and I’m able to move things around when needed (for cleaning or anything else).

View of front room and office with 4th of july  red white and blue decorations

I know decorating for every holiday isn’t for everyone, but if you live within the United Stated I would love to persuade you that the 4th of July is such a magical holiday to decorate for. It feel so summery and really gets everyone excited for the fireworks and picnics. Any time I have an opportunity to get my people excited for new fun family building memories… I’m in.

I hope this post will inspire you to love your home and have fun with it. Remember a house is just a house until we make it our own. It’s the personal touches that make it special for all who enter. Make it feel like you and have fun with it. You won’t regret it.


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