DIY Fabric Fireworks & A BIG Uncle Sam for 4th Of July

DIY Fabric Fireworks & A BIG Uncle Sam for 4th Of July

When it comes to 4th of July, few things symbolize this great holiday more than fireworks and Uncle Sam. Today, I’m going to show you how you can create your own DIY Fabric Fireworks & a BIG Uncle Sam for 4th Of July. I will be using supplies mainly from the Dollar tree, but most of them can be found readily anywhere. These projects are so fun to make and are right on budget for your home decor.

If you want to see a video tutorial showing how I made these projects, make sure to CLICK HERE. I go through all the steps and walk you through it all.


Fabric 4th of July Fireworks

4th of july DIY fabric fireworks heidi sonboul

Step 1. Pick up 1 pool noodle and rope from the Dollar Tree, blue and white star fabric, red and white stripe fabric, and a neutral tan fabric.

Step 2. Cut the pool noodle into 3 different segment lengths . Small, medium, and large.

Step 3. Cut the 3 different fabrics (mentioned in step 1) to size and wrap them around each of the 3 cut noodle segments. Glue the fabric in place.


Step 4. Bring all 3 Fireworks together and wrap a rope around them to give that farmhouse look.

Step 5. To create the fuses, start by making 3 separate knots from the remaining rope. Then cut off the rope on one side of each of the knots and trim the other sides to about 1.5 inches (or whatever length of fuse you would like).

Step 6. Glue the short knot side to the firework and let the longer side be pointing up to look like the fuse.

4th of July DIY Uncle Sam

DIY 4th of july stair baluster uncle sam heidi sonboul

Step 1. Pick up 1 box of small stacking blocks (for the head and hat) and 1 wood block from the Dollar Tree (for the base), 1 stair baluster/spindle from a hardware or restoration store (for the body), 1 pack of wooden stars, Gingham ribbon, and white fabric.

Step 2. Taking the stacking blocks from the Dollar Tree and create the head and hat (this is where watching the video linked above will be very helpful)

Step 3. Take the stair baluster/spindle and cut off the top and button nubs that are used to connect to the stair railing.

Step 4. Drill a hole through the middle of the wood block and a pilot hole in the base of the stair baluster/spindle, then use a wood screw to attach the block to bottom of the baluster to form the base.

Step 5. Use glue to attach the head and hat to the top of the baluster/spindle.

Step 6. Paint according to your preferences.

Step 7. Add a ribbon bow around his “neck” and glue on the wooden stars and facial hair.

Step 8. Create his facial hair by cutting out 2 bird wings shapes for his mustache, a teardrop shape for his goatee, and 2 jelly bean shapes for his eyebrows. Glue them all on at the appropriate places.

Step 9. This last step is optional if you like the farmhouse look. Lightly sand the sides to distress.

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  1. Doreen Donovan

    I love the red white and blue half bicycle to hang outside with flowers. You showed the video last month ..can you show it again.. You are a natural and enjoy watching you on YouTube.

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