Dollar Tree Apothecary Christmas Tree Ornaments

Dollar Tree Apothecary Christmas Tree Ornaments

Heidi sonboul 5 dollar tree christmas crafts apothecary christmas tree
I know it’s a little early for some to starting thinking about Christmas in September, but most crafters are starting to move onto Christmas DIY projects. Mainly to have more time to make things and enjoy the holidays without stress.

Free 12 Days of Christmas Printable

Today I’m sharing this FREE Printable for the 12 Days of Christmas.

This is for the ornaments that go along with my apothecary Christmas tree. 1 of the 5 Projects featured in THIS Christmas Farmhouse Dollar Tree Crafts video over on my YouTube channel: HEIDI SONBOUL DIY. You can head on over there if you would like to see how it was made and for more DIY inspirations.


Getting Fussy With The 12 Days of Christmas

I printed out the 12 Days of Christmas images out on a nice cardstock paper and fussy cut them out to fit on 12 white and glitter ornaments.

Prepping the Ornaments

Since I am using ornament balls that came pre-glittered, I first removed some of the glitter with a butter knife to create a smooth surface that I could attach the images to. Then I hot glued on the mini artworks. Once I had them in place, I went over the whole ornament with Mod Podge to seal them in.

12 days of christmas white glitter ornament

I just love how they turned out and when added to my apothecary Christmas tree, it becomes the most beautiful look for Christmas

12 days of Christmas white ornament on apothecary Christmas tree

DIY Tutorial & More Crafts

This is just part of 1 of the 5 DIY Christmas crafts I’m sharing. so be sure check out the TUTORIAL VIDEO where I show how to make this apothecary Christmas tree. It was so easy to make and brings in the spirit of a farmhouse vintage Christmas.


  1. Sherry

    I am so glad I found this website from your YouTube channel. I, seriously, was watching, pausing the tutorial, and handwriting the steps down that you were performing for your 35+ Farmhouse DIY video!

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