EASY Summer Farmhouse Home Decor Crafts

EASY Summer Farmhouse Home Decor Crafts

There is something so exciting about a good before and after Thrift Flip. I sure do love them. Sometimes it can be hard to see what it can become, but starting with a base paint coat will start the transformation. Today, I have some summer farmhouse craft ideas.

To see 5 fun before and after thrift flips CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO on my YouTube channel. The steps are very easy to follow and each has a summer farmhouse feel. Home Decor on a budget. My favorite!

heidi sonboul friend friday april

While you are over on my YouTube channel make sure to look in the description box for the Hop. There are 10 other crafting YouTubers who are joining me today. Such talented women sharing their ideas too.

Oh… and don’t forget to grab this FREE PRINTABLE that I used in my video.

heidi sonboul free printable

2 tips to try:

  1. Remember to visit your thrift stores on 1/2 off days
  2. Look past the colors. Look at the shape and details. It’s how I can imagine something new and updated.

Doing these two things will really help you see past the outdated decor in front of you 🙂

heidi sonboul summer farmhouse home decor before and after


  1. Lakisha

    Hello Heidi wow all of your diys on this video was so great I loved them all. I just had surgery so what a great treat for me to be able to get more ideals for my home when I get better thank you. oh yeah I have been watching all your videos lol its been so great and the printable was a plus thank you again.

  2. I would love your free printables.. i am tryn to do sone dyi things. I dont know where these things like the printables are found. I see ppl using a cricut (?) but i cant afford that just yet but i look for these peel & stick quotes and have yet to find any. I am new but excited to learn and try and succeed!
    Thank you.. i always enjoy watching.
    Always walk in your blessings daily❤🙏🏻

  3. Deborah

    I love these labels you created, is it hard? I mean like where do you start? I’m a newbie to crafting and I’m retired so I have a lot of time. Since you are such a seasoned crafter any advice on where to begin getting the knowledge you need to make beautiful items like you do? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Heidi

  4. Laura Ann Reynolds

    Hello fellow Crafter! I love what you do! I was trying to download your printable but wasn’t able to. Keep on doing what you are doing!

    P.S.: I noticed that your Birthday is a few days before mine! Mines the ninth of November…

  5. I’m really blown away by your creative ideas. They’re so adorable, easy, quick and useful. Not to mention decorative. You have ideas I’ve not seen anywhere and there’s lots of room to tweak a project to make it your own. I love your printables and I’d greatly appreciate all that you care to share with me. I’m a subscriber as well. Thank you so much, Heidi.

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