Farmhouse 4th of July DIYs

Farmhouse 4th of July DIYs

I love to decorate for all the holidays and 4th of July is at the top of my list. I love the Red White & Blue theme so much. However, finding cute decor can be tricky at times. Today I have 3 DIYs and all of my supplies come from the Dollar Tree.
If you want to see how I made these projects by video, make sure to CLICK HERE. I show all the steps and walk you through it all.

3 farmhouse 4th of july DIYs heidi sonboul
American Flag Mason Jar Lantern heidi sonboul

America Flag Mason Jar Lantern

Step 1. Use 1 glass jar from the Dollar Tree and remove the lid. Then take out the top circle within the lid ring and screw the ring back on. This will allow you to add a candle to the jar for night time use.

Step 2. Using a mini American Flag from the Dollar Tree, remove the flag from the stick handle and wrap it around the jar. I added a small dot of hot glue to keep it in place on the ends.

Step 3. Cut a piece of twine long enough to wrap around the jar 2 times and tie a knot.

mini americana wagon heidi sonboul

Mini Americana Wagon

This is a little more advanced but still so fun to try.

You’ll need 1 wooden mini crate from the Dollar Tree, popsicle sticks, shower curtain rings, skewer sticks, 2 flags, and some greenery.

Step 1. Grab 4 of the shower curtain rings and a handful of skewer sticks. Cut the skewer sticks down to size to make them fit inside of the shower curtain rings. Then use hot glue to hold in place and create a criss-cross with 4 sticks to make it look like a wheel. Repeat this step 4 times.

Step 2. Create an axle by taking 4 popsicle sticks and glue into a long rectangle. Cut two of the popsicle sticks down by 1/4 of an inch on both sides. Next, glue them together so it creates an opening on both end of your long rectangle axle. This will make it so the wagon wheels can slip into place. Finally, make sure to glue well with hot glue.


Step 3. Put the Crate onto the 2 axles then glue into place.

Step 4. Using the leftover stick handle from the first Jar DIY to create a pull handle. Then at the top of the stick add two cut down skewer sticks and 2 cut down popsicle sticks for the handle. Glue them into place. lastly, glue the bottom of the stick onto the wagon. Make sure to add a lot of hot glue to hold in place.

Step 5. Your wagon is now complete and you can paint it any color you would like. To get the farmhouse look, I painted mine white and dry brushed on a light layer of brown paint.


Step 6. Add in greenery and 2 flags to complete the look.

4th of July bike wreath heidi sonboul

4th of July Bike Wreath

This last DIY is more advanced, but not harder than the wagon. It’s definitely fun to make for anyone wanting to try.

You’ll need to pick up 1 Frisbee, 1 wire basket, 2 toy shovels, 1 pack of zip ties, 1 rope bundle, and 4 American Flags all from the Dollar Tree, and greenery. I also am using some tan fabric I had on hand.

The wheel

Step 1. Cut the Frisbee in 1/2 and glue the two halves together. To cover up the seam on the round wheel side, add ribbon which will also help strengthen it.

Step 2. Punch holes into the top part of the wheel (this is where watching the video would be helpful). Note that I use my FAVORITE TOOL (The Crop-A-Dile) whenever I need to create holes in stiffer/harder materials because it makes punching holes easy.

The handles and Frame

Step 3. Take the 2 toy shovels and remove the screws at the handle and shovel. Do this to both of them to get to the rod of the Shovel.

Step 4. Drill through 1 of the rods at the middle point and at the top and bottom of the rod at the other point.

Step 5. Now take your zip ties to attach the wheel to the bottom hole of the 1st rod.

Step 6. At the top of the same rod, zip tie on the 2nd rod that has the hole in the middle. I added 2 zip ties in an X pattern to strengthen the handle.

The basket And Final Touches

Step 7. Add on the Basket, a small fabric, greenery and flags. Then glue the foam square to the fabric, and to the basket. The small fabric is to hide the foam piece you stick & glue the greenery and flags into so that they don’t all fall out when the wind blows at your front door.

Step 8. Spray paint the bike your desired color.

Step 9. Add rope to the handles of your bike and at the top of the handle bar to hang up.

If you Prefer to Watch

Remember that if you need clarification on any of the steps outlined or prefer to watch DIY tutorials, you can always check out the video I provided a link to at the beginning.

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