High End Look For Less Home Decor DIY Crafts

High End Look For Less Home Decor DIY Crafts

In my personal opinion, home decor should never cost a lot of money. When you are willing to make it yourself, you not only get something fun to do but you also save a ton of money. Today I’m sharing 5 of 20+ high end home decor DIY Crafts and some exciting free printables. If you enjoy these, head over to the TUTORIAL VIDEO on my YouTube Channel (Heidi Sonboul DIY) to watch all of these Look For Less projects being made. I’m only showing a few of them here that use printables so that you can grab them here.

Summer Berry Patch Sign

This Summer Berry Patch sign was WAY out of my budget and I knew that I could make it for much less. First I created this FREE PRINTABLE to share with you all and then got to work.


If you have wood on hand, I would recommend using that. If you do not, you can use foam core like I show in my video for a very low cost project. I love how large this sign is and the savings were absolutely amazing!

Heidi Sonboul DIY Comparison Berry Patch Sign

Sea Artwork Coastal Picture Frames

It’s amazing what you can do with a printable. I love these prints from Pottery Barn, but there was NO WAY I would ever pay this much for wall art. For fun, I created these 4 Sea Artwork Coastal Printables. then I placed them in large frames from the Dollar Tree. I saved hundreds of dollars and they look just like the inspiration.

Heidi Sonboul DIY Comparison Sea Artwork Coastal Picture Frames

Hydrangea Artwork Picture Frames

These beautiful hydrangea printables are so pretty. I love how the texts pops behind the flowers and how calming the colors are together. This was so easy to make and a great project for any new crafter. I think the thing I’ve learned the most about wall art is how much it can cost. I understand that the artist needs to be paid for their talent, but the stores then mark it up to double the cost for the artist. Making it outrageous in price.

Heidi Sonboul DIY Comparison Hydrangea Artwork Picture Frames

Farmhouse Buckets

I had a subscriber reach out to me and asked if I was able to recreate these Farmhouse buckets and I knew that I could. I love how whimsical these stacked animals looked and found the perfect waste can bucket from the Dollar Tree. For just $3 I was able to recreate the look for less. Much Less. I used my Cricut to cut out my animals, but don’t let that stop you if you don’t have a vinyl cutting machine. You can use this printable to trace on the animals and then paint them in.

Heidi Sonboul DIY Comparison Farmhouse rooster pig cow buckets

Fresh Flowers Market Buckets

The last craft to share are these darling flower market buckets. Again… WOW were they over-priced. I was able to make them for much less. See what I mean? Making these items yourself can save hundreds of $$$ and they are so fun to make. It’s a win win if you ask me.

Heidi Sonboul DIY Comparison Fresh Flowers Buckets

Watch The Video For More Look For Less Crafts

Now remember this is ONLY 5 of the 20+ projects I have included in MY VIDEO. So make sure to watch it if you would like to see/make some additional crafts to decorate your home with.

Lastly Friends, I want to thank you all so much for stopping by today to visit my site and I hope you have fun with these Printables. Remember to look around my site for more free goodies and other ideas. I truly love sharing with you all and want for you to create a beautiful home of your very own on a happy budget.


  1. Michelle Budgett

    I absolutely love all of you crafts and DIYS. I tell everyone about you and get inspiration from you everyday! Take it from someone who suffers for depression really badly I look forward to watching you.

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