How To Put In An American Flagpole

How To Put In An American Flagpole

I was taught to love the land we live in. From a very young age I always dreamed of having a white home with a beautiful yard and an American Flag flapping in the wind. Today I am sharing the simple steps we took to install this flagpole and how easy it really is. It’s a fairly easy outdoor decor project that adds some character to your front yard.

If you are interested in watching a video as well on how we did this, you can view it HERE.

install a flag pole in 5 easy steps heidi sonboul

Flagpole and lighting Suggestions

This is the Telescopic Flagpole that we ordered from Amazon. We have had it for over a year and it’s an amazing price for the quality that it is. I have been very impressed with it. The flagpole came with a silk-screened flag. I personally prefer this high quality flag you can find HERE

To keep your flag lit up at night, you can check out this Solar Powered Flag Pole Light. It does a good job at keeping it lit up at night without cutting into your electric bill.

Call Your Local Utility Companies Before You Dig

Step 1. You may have one or more buried utility lines (Electric, Gas, cable, etc.) that run through your yard. If you pick the wrong spot, you might cut or damage them. Before you start digging your hole, make sure to call your local utility companies. They will come out and mark any of their lines on your property (either with paint or flags). If you are in the U.S., you can visit the national Call 811 website ( for information and resources on what to do and who to call in your state. This service is typically free. Some states even have a single number you can call to schedule everyone at the same time. Make sure to call a week or two before you plan to start since you will need to work around their schedule.


Dig That Hole

Step 2. Once you know where it is safe to dig, pick a good flat spot and start digging. The depth and diameter of the hole you will need to dig will depend on how tall your flagpole will/can be. Taller flagpoles will require a deeper wider base. See the instructions that came with your flagpole for recommendations. You can also find recommended hole specs online with a quick search. Since you will be covering up the top of the hole with dirt and/or mulch, you don’t need to worry about the hole being perfectly round.

Prep the Ground Sleeve

Step 3. Our flagpole came with a PVC ground sleeve that the actual flagpole slides into. Once the hole has been dug to the proper depth and width, stand the ground sleeve up in the middle of the hole. Make sure to cover up the top of the sleeve with painters tape to prevent anything from falling in. You want to keep it empty so the actual flagpole will slide all the way in.

Add in small rocks to hold the sleeve in place and make sure that it stays level. This is important so you flagpole doesn’t lean once you insert it in the sleeve.

Lock It In

Step 4. Get 1 or 2 bags of quick mix cement and prep it using the directions on the bag. Most quick cement bags will have recommended amounts based on the space you are planning to fill, so check for the amount you will need.

Once the cement is ready, fill in the hole around the pipe with the cement, leaving 2-3 inches between the top of the hole and the top of the cement. Make sure to allow it time to fully dry according to the cement’s recommended dry time.

Cover and Decorate

Step 5. To finish off the look, cover the cement with dirt until it’s flush with the ground. Create a border of your liking using rocks or other landscaping items, and flowers and mulch to suit your tastes. Remove the tape and insert the flagpole into the sleeve.

Final Thoughts

We absolutely love our flagpole and found it so easy to install within 1 day. Remember to change your flag when it starts to get weathered. I personally noticed it needs to be changed once a year, but we live in a state with high winds, so you might be able to keep your flag longer in a less windy state.

Oh, one last fun thing to share. This flagpole comes with 4 built-in carabiner clips so you can fly the American flag on top and another flag underneath. We plan to have a flag for each of our kids that we can fly during each of their birthday months. It’s a fun way to make them feel special and seen.

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