Look For Less EASY Summer Home Decor Crafts

Look For Less EASY Summer Home Decor Crafts

6 DIY summer lemon and bee themed projects including a free printable by Heidi Sonboul

I’m dreaming of warm weather by the poolside drinking an ice cold lemonade. Doesn’t that sound so lovely? Yes please! Today I have 6 new DIYs to share. If you would like to see how I made each of these, you can CLICK HERE to watch my Video tutorial. If you want more inspiration, feel free to check out my DIY YouTube Channel where I share lots and lots of projects.

I also designed a FREE Fun Summer Bee Themed Printable that you can use with this project or for your own projects. The color theme is yellow, peach, black and white. It comes in 3 different sizes to download. Click on the links below to grab your copy.


Honey Bee Stacking Boxes

These 3 different sized printables are to create this darling summer stacking boxes craft. I picked up 3 different sized gift boxes from the Dollar Tree and gave them all a coat of white spray paint. Once they were dried, I printed my printable, cut it down to size, and adhered them to the box.

These store perfectly inside of each other when not in use. When you want to put them out, simply stack them largest to smallest. You will have an easy affordable home decor craft anyone would love.

DIY honeybee gift box stacking boxes

Choose Happy Wooden Sign

green wooden choose happy sign cost of theirs vs mine

This next DIY came from an inspiration image I found on Wayfair. I couldn’t believe the price for this easy to make sign. You can see that it’s made from wood and paint. I picked up 2 garden fence posts and cut them in half. Then I secured the boards together on the backside, and painted the whole thing with different shades of green. Also, I should mention that I hand painted the letters, but you could easily use a vinyl cutting machine to get the look too.

DIY green wooden choose happy sign

I love how this turned out and it’s a great reminder for my kids. I strongly believe that happiness is a personal choice and I teach this to them daily. If we seek it in our homes (and within ourselves) we will find that love and kindness will fill up each room, making it a slice of heaven here on earth. I love signs like this to help family members remember it’s up to them to choose happiness even on those hard days. We each contribute to the family experience and the mood of the home. Please don’t get me wrong. I do also believe that everyone is allowed a good cry. I just also believe that if you stay there for too long, it starts to affect others around you and it’s honestly not a great place to dwell. Life is so short and each day is such a wonderful gift.

Lemon Flower Wreath

DIY lemon flower wreath cost of theirs vs mine

This inspiration came from Darby Creek Trading (yet another site I love for inspiration). This wreath was BEAUTIFUL, but there is no way I would ever pay $299.00 for it. I knew we could do it for a fraction of the cost.

DIY Wreath with flowers lemons and a buffalo check grey and white bow

I would highly recommend watching THIS VIDEO that goes with these crafts because I show all the step by step instructions on how I put everything together. Yes, it is not exactly like the inspiration, but that is because I used it as inspiration and wanted a slightly different look. If I were to add in more butter cream roses and berries, it would have costed me about $35. Which is still a huge savings and what a lovely way to welcome guests with a happy wreath like this.

Burlap Heart Banner

DIY Burlap heart banner cost of theirs vs mine

This Banner inspiration came from Walmart. $13.60 doesn’t seem bad until you realize how inexpensive the supplies are. Small pieces of burlap, with fabric and twine that costs pennies. Most of us have these supplies already laying around our craft rooms.

heidi sonboul decor shelf with heart burlap banner, and other decor items

I personally love decorating with hearts all year long and think that this simple and darling banner really completes the look I was going for on my farmhouse decor shelves.

By the way. I’m curious. Do you still have a decor shelf in your home? I know that once upon a time they were the trendy thing. I still love them and decorate for each season or holiday. It just makes me so happy to look at it and all the little things I’ve collected over the years.

Farm Fresh Lemon Sign

DIY farm fresh lemon sign with greenery and black white buffalo check bow

This farm fresh lemon sign uses Dollar Tree items that I had on hand. I had so much fun making this for my kitchen and it has 5 easy steps that I share in THE VIDEO. Any level of crafter could recreate this look and even use different fruits or vegetables.

Floral Decor Planter

DIY floral decor planter with lemons

Last but not least is this pretty floral decor planter. I used a Dollar Tree gift box that I spray painted white. I added a charming gingham ribbon. Then I filled it with florals, greenery, and lemons that I skewered on a stick to keep them down and in place.

I hope you enjoyed these 6 easy Summer DIYs and remember to grab any of the FREE printables linked above. If you give any of these a try, please do tag me on Instagram. I would LOVE to see them and your take on them.


  1. Carol Ann Farrell

    I am a super new crafter. I love watching you and so many others make so many awesome crafts. Unfortunately when I get to my Dollar Tree, I can’t find any of the things that you all were using. I get very frustrated. One problem is that I can’t get to the Dollar Tree very often. I am Bedfast and wheelchair bound, it is extremely hard to get in or out of the car and transfer to or from the wheelchair. So I usually go on the same day I go to the Dr. I am 71 and my husband is 76. It is becoming a tough job for him to get me up the ramp.

    Sorry to talk your ear off. I really love watching your crafting. I really don’t know how you all think of all the things that you do. I like doing decophach (not sure of spelling).

  2. Heidi i got to watch you LIVE today & do some chatn!! Im always SO inspired even tho im handicapd & struggle with quite a bit i just get super stoked & find myself wakin up with a idea to try! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£.. truly if you could see me! I have to sleep & basically live in my lazy girl rockn recliner & ALL my craft stuff surrounds me! (I live on the dangerous side if life 🀣) My new excitin world truly at my feet 😁 i have no rhyme or reason to my “stash” my haul consist of.. ooh i saw that on this one utube channel! I get MOST of my stuff at the dollar tree.. its the next county over.. bout a 60mile round trip.. mine NEVER has much but i grab what i see when i see it.. dollar store, walmart & amazon if we have a lil splurge $. BUT.. i ramd sackd my own house, shed, yard, kids stuff they left bhind.. neighbors stuff lol.. one neighbor sat our a 3 drawer storage bin on wheels from their garage with a few thangs in it like maskn tape n couple small hooks 😎 HIGHLY FAVORED I AM 😁 so im just like a crow bout shiney stuff or a monkey lol.. idk.. ive got no garage either BUT.. give me a glue gun right!!
    This craftin stuff is SO NEW to me. I heard of ppl chalk paintn & ppl who sew n such but this .. this stuff im not joking.. this is life changn for me! I work thru depression tryn to make things.. like.. i LOVE makn flowers outta plastic spoons n paintn them.. i have NO CLUE really of what my end game is gonna be when i start something.. but what all of yall need to know.. yall inspired me to just START.. πŸ€”, think ill make that a lil’ sign lol.. (savin up for a cricut ) JUST START..
    I would pray (& i truly truly do all the time) that these videos land in the sights n sounds of ppl who cant afford much or who struggle physically or maybe emotionally or all of the above n below.. but like me they discover this world of anything is possible.. really.. if you can dream it (i do have dreams & wake up & write it down) or think it -YES YOU CAN make it.. & just by tryn before you know it youve also made it thru the thing challenging your mind or physical abilities!! Its a game changer!
    So thx Heidi for your ideas n shares & to ALL the ladies i watch & for this contest that is so fun! Tough decisions bcuz all the talent is raw n real.. just.. πŸ€”..πŸ’β€β™€οΈ, encouraging medication if you will lol. Let me say too.. the videos show the craft & the presentations are great BUT ya gotta be told.. you brighten up a space that seems really dark n really tough at times & you will never know what that does for a person. (what time a day or where we are) These videos are out there & they can be years old but they are perfect in God’s timin & yall should all be hugd tight & blessd daily.. bcuz you walk daily in your blessns & share that.. its like attachn springs to shoes hard to walk in & just put a pep in the steps of lifeπŸ₯°
    Im so so very grateful! I pray for yall & your families & i ask my Lord to just continue to favor n bless yall & prosper yall in good health & happiness & keep your cups overflow’n. We all deal with dif thangs in life but i believe with all my heart that how i embrace my any issue will be how i endure my every moment from it & my goal is to be what the Word says I am.. a conqueror.. more than a conqueror!! I use to wonder what “more” could there be if you conquered it right.. i realized the “more” for me was the strength to always conquer what was before me whatever challenge.. big or small.. idk.. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.. brennan101 😁
    So thx for letn me spew all that lol! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ, im guilty of what my hub’s says.. i take “faceBOOK’n” (i publishd a book called “A Mommy’s Embrace’ .. lol.. it was a goal i set for myself.. (ive been spared 4x with my life & 57 surgeries at 50yrs old.. i always wantd to write a book & the Lord gave me that opportunity) amazon has it & i didnt get rich.. i went a *bunch* in the hole BUT i conquered that challenge FROM my lazy girl as wellπŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ my royalty check was $1.57.. (enuf for a crafty something & change!) n they kept out like $.60) literally lol.. i had to “edit pages” ok πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
    Yalls talent has set new goals before me & when i say Life Changin’ i mean it to the root of its be’n. Idk how yall believe BUT for me yall are tools of God & what you do for fun & bcuz you just “enjoy” do’n it.. it is like lil life boostn instructions for me & i cant say more than that! Thx again for ALL of yall & ALL the others in the craftn world & ALL the new borns like me.. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ bless your hearts 100 fold! πŸ™πŸ»β€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»

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