Make It New Again! Thrifted Farmhouse Makeovers

Make It New Again! Thrifted Farmhouse Makeovers

heidi sonboul farmhouse inspirations

I’m always shocked by what some people toss out on trash days or donate to their local thrift stores. I think you can make almost anything new again with some paint and imagination.

You can view all of these projects in THIS VIDEO HERE ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

heidi sonboul free printable farmhouse labels

Today I have a fun FREE printable to share with you all that I designed. It’s has a vintage label feel to it and all you have to do is CLICK HERE to download it.

heidi sonboul farmhouse before and after baskets

I love what paint can do to an old item. It doesn’t really matter if you are using chalk, acrylic, or spray paint. I love how such a simple on budget craft medium like paint can boost the look of glass, wood and metal. You can see from these 10 farmhouse makeovers how different and new they will look.

I enjoy using a Dry Brushing technique as well to enhance the look of an item. Adding a little bit of distressing really bring out the texture in an item and gives it that cute farmhouse finished look.


Remember, home decor shouldn’t cost a lot. I bet if you just shopped around your home you would find items that you can give a makeover to. Something you forgot about can become brand new and what a fun way to love your home on a budget.

heidi sonboul farmhouse before and after 3


  1. I am so excited you have this website. I love watching your videos on YouTube. You always make beautiful things and give great useful advice. I love to paint and I was so happy when I found your YouTube channel. I wish you the best and keep crafting.

  2. I love your channel… you’re extremely talented….I’m very new to crafting and very lost but your videos give me great ideas to add my own spin to things… thank you so much for all your work and sharing it 💜 I am interested in all your printables from past to present. How may I get access to those ? Thank you ahead of time if you can help me with that.
    Much love and blessings

  3. Maxine

    Heidi, I’m so excited for you to have those website up and going it’s just wonderful. So happy for all your success. I just really enjoy your channel so much. You are so creative and I can tell you’ve been crafting for years. The experience shows in your work. I hope to even be half as good as you someday.

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