My Dream Craft Room! Come Take A Tour!

My Dream Craft Room! Come Take A Tour!

This craft room has been years in the making and it almost didn’t happen. Before I dive into the story though, make sure to check out my video of this makeover and see it all live on my Heidi Sonboul Home channel.

The Green And Yellow Room

Okay, now for the story time. My hubby (A.K.A. Mr. Sonboul) and I got married 20 years ago. For the first 15 years of that marriage we rented apartments in Southern California. There really wasn’t any space for a “craft room” in our small apartments so I always had to be creative. I took over closets, tables, and even a small breakfast nook. This was back when I spent almost every waking moment scrapbooking.


I created this space 13 years ago. This green and yellow room was our small kitchen nook and was the first time we had a “kitchen nook”. Thankfully I had a guy who understood my crafting passion and allowed me to take this space for myself. Looking back at the bright colors makes me laugh. It’s very different from what I have now, but that’s what I love most about it. I had fun making it work for me. I think the space was a 6’x8′ room.

The Craft Closet

When we moved again I had to be creative because the only available space for my crafting supplies was this closet. Funny enough, this image became really popular on Pinterest and was featured in a few online articles and in 3 magazines. I think it’s because I maximized the space I had and the shoe door organizers got people excited. I also think that the added table on top of my paper bins inspired people. After I shared this image, I started seeing TONS of closet makeovers with tables in them which made me so happy. I created this space 10 years ago.

heidi sonboul craft closet space

A Home with Some Extra Space

In 2015 we made the big move and left California. Mr. Sonboul had a new job in St. Louis, Missouri so we packed everything up and left. When we landed in an apartment (we stayed there for 8 months), I decided to just not unpack my supplies. I had just had Miriam and if you read this post, you will know that I gave up on crafting because of a few heartbreaking business issues. Then it happened. We found a cute ranch style home to buy that was solid but needed a lot of love. We moved in and got to work updating each room. There was so much to do that I couldn’t even imagine taking the time to work on creating a craft space.


From the Table To The Basement

When I started crafting on my Heidi Sonboul DIY channel I did all my projects at the kitchen table and on the floor. I was okay with that for about 4 months but I knew I just needed a spot of my own. The basement at the time was still unchanged with dark brown paneled walls and outdated floors. It honestly was more of a catch all for any of our stuff that did not have a home of it’s own. However, after so many years with no room to spare, we finally had some space to stretch out and, eventually, put to good use.

Finally a Craft Room!

I started by painting the walls white, but the Craft Room I’m sharing now was 1st transformed into a guest room as you can see in THIS VIDEO. The space I used in the basement initially was actually across from the guest room and you can see that makeover in THIS VIDEO. It wasn’t bad, but as I started crafting more for my channel it started to take over the basement and it got out of control, which you can see in THIS VIDEO. Never organized and ever growing.

Since no one was visiting us during the 2020 Pandemic, I decided to ditch the guest bedroom and use the space as a studio to craft, film, and work in. Oh friends… LIFE CHANGING… let me say it again… LIFE CHANGING!

heidi sonboul craft room tour makeover

Stuff For Getting Organized

The key to a good organized craft space is having a home for everything and adding little touches to personalize it. Many of the things I used for my craft room, I was able to get online. If you are looking to update/organize your own craft space, here is a list of items I used in this room to organize or to craft. I did spend a lot on the cabinets, but I’m so happy with them. SO HAPPY.

A quick disclosure. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This just means that if you click on any of the Amazon links below and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Flower Tower RackLower CabinetsRibbon Wall (Joann’s)
Life Is So Good SignUpper & Lower CabinetsNew Flooring (Home Depot)
This Is My Happy Place SignSide Cabinets
Shelf Organizer Riser TrayWork Table (Tabletop, Legs)
Tool DrawerFabric Boxes
Paper BinsWall Rods
Plate Organizer

Making it Your Own and the Finer Details

Please know that I 100% understand that not everyone has an available space to create a craft room like this. That is why I shared my many other crafting spaces I have created along the way. I always found a way to be creative and it’s why I wanted to share this story. I want you to know that it doesn’t take a lot. It takes being smart with what you have and loving your home. No matter if it’s rented or yours.

Now I have space for all the things I work with and it will help keep a system going. I also love that I get to organize while making things pretty. I wanted this space to look good, but I also wanted to be wise with what I had. Having bins for yarn, rise trays for my paint and glitter, and matching boxes for supplies made all the difference.

heidi sonboul craft room yarn and organized paints by color

The Ribbon Wall

Over to the right of the room I used a shorter wall for ribbon storage and a paper crafting table. Make sure to watch the video to see what is under the table 😉

Heidi Sonboul craft room Ribbon wall

The Flower Tower

This is THE flower tower. I uses a lot of florals on my crafts (wreaths, signs, garlands, etc.) and these were taking up SIX Large storage bins. I linked this organizing wire frame above that I found on Amazon. Again, I wanted to use every space I had wisely and I’m still playing with it to see if I can tweak it some.

heidi sonboul craft room Wire Rack Flower Tower

Scissors, Fabric, and Roller Skates. Oh My!

I mounted the bars (in the picture below) to my wall so I have plenty of cups to hold all my scissors, paint brushes, glue, and whatever else I need handy but out of the way. I love using that cute white suitcase to hold my extra fabric in a way that keeps it accessible but organized. Last but not least, a place to show off my absolute favorite roller skates!

heidi sonboul craft room organization

New Floors On A Budget & Keep On Crafting

Oh friends, I hope this post has encouraged you to love your space. Use what you have on hand and dream. Note that in the same video I share how we redid / DIYed our new basement floors on a budget. I think the floors alone are so amazing and really gave this space a huge face lift.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to pin any photos that inspire you.

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