Red White & Blue American Crafts

Red White & Blue American Crafts

Red white and blue DIY crafts heidi sonboul

There is just something so magical about the color combo of Red, White, & Blue together. I’m sure for me it has to do with my many wonderful memories of 4th of July celebrations. I’m a proud American, but beyond that, I just love how well they all complement each other. So today I have 8 fun DIY crafts to share with you that use that exact color scheme.

Free Printable & Step By Step Video

If you would like to see how I made each of these, you can watch THIS VIDEO on my Heidi Sonboul DIY Channel that goes with these crafts. It shows all the steps I took to make them. Also. Make sure to grab this FREE Printable that I used for a few of these crafts as well.


American Flag Planter

This first craft was SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE. I can’t even stress it enough. Using fabric I had on hand, and some twigs from my yard, I made these 5 darling rustic American Flags. Yes, they are not accurate to the actual flag, but they are meant to be playful. So with hot glue and a few layers here and there I was able to create this look. I placed them in a planter and I just love the look.

DIY american flag planter

Red White & Blue Book Craft

This book craft was so ridiculously easy to make and all I did was collect red, white, and blue books from the Dollar Tree & my local Thrift store. I placed them in color order, glued the covers to each other and added twine with a bow.

DIY red white and blue book craft

Plush Fabric Stars

These plush fabric stars use my Free Printable (Linked Above). Once I cut out the shapes from fabric, I added hot glue around the edges and stuffed them with batting. So easy right?! To give it a more rustic farmhouse look I added brown paint distressing, and a twine bow to the white star.

DIY plush fabric stars

Fabric Strips Flag Pendant

This ripped strips of fabric flag DIY craft is super popular this year and I wanted to give it a try as well. I felt like I just had to because it was so cute. It was so easy to make and any crafter could handle these simple steps. As mentioned above, If you haven’t already, you can to watch my Step-By-Step VIDEO for a walkthrough of how it was made.

DIY fabric strips flag pendant

Red White & Blue Banners

I LOVE banners. I think they add so much to a space when decorating for any holiday. Add them to a door, a bookshelf, a fireplace, and much more. In the video I show how I created these 2 easy banners that really dress up a space.

DIY red white and blue banners

Pleated Award Ribbon

I’m not sure why, but I LOVE award ribbons. I think it’s because I’ve always loved horses and these are the types of ribbons I’ve seen awarded at Show Jumping events. I love the texture of the pleating and LOVE that they come in so many sizes and details. So I decided to share how to make one. I personally found it so fun making these craft and think it looks so smart next to the book decor or a plant.

DIY pleated Award Ribbon

American Flag Ribbon Wreath

This ruffle ribbon wreath is a bit more advanced but still so easy to do. I got a great deal during a sale at JoAnn’s on ribbons which allowed me to make this wreath. I simple pleated the ribbon as I went around and around. To see how I blended in the star ribbon, make sure to watch the video.

DIY american flag ribbon wreath

All Together

heidi sonboul DIY red white and blue DIY crafts

All together these DIY crafts bring in the spirit of America to our home. I love all the details and textures and think they are so pretty. I hope you will give these a try and if you missed it, check out this past post and grab the included 4th of July Free Printable that I designed for you.

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