Rustic Farmhouse Crafts For Summer

Rustic Farmhouse Crafts For Summer

heidi sonboul farmhouse rustic summer DIY inspiration crafts

Hello Friends. Thanks for stopping by today to visit. It really does mean so much to me.

I have 3 fun look for less rustic farmhouse DIY crafts to share. It’s amazing how much money you can save when you make it yourself. It’s even more amazing how much fun you can have personalizing it based off of the inspiration. There is something about using my hands to create beautiful things for my home that I love so much.


Free Printable & Tutorial Video

Before we jump into these projects, make sure to grab the FREE PRINTABLE for today and take a moment to watch My Tutorial Video that goes along with these projects. it shows all the visual step by step instructions, making it extremely easy to follow.

farmhouse summer free flower frame printable by heidi sonboul

Chunky wood Cutouts Milk Can

My first look for less inspiration came from Country Door. It’s a site that I found recently and I LOVE IT! So many darling things, but truthfully a little too pricey for my pocket. When I saw this adorable Chunky Wood Cutout Milk Can for $69.99, I KNEW we could do it for much less.

After taking down a wall in my home I, had a lot of 2×4 wood beams sitting around in my garage. So I repurposed one of those long beams and cut it down to size using my jigsaw and miter saw. This project was SO easy and only needed simple cuts.

DIY chunky wood cutouts milk can cost comparison

Once all the pieces were put together I spray painted the project an ivory white and applied a dark greyish brown paint to the trim work and handles. Lastly, I hand painted on the lettering with black paint and distressed the sides with some sandpaper. Since I had all of these items on hand, I was able to make this project for about $2 and SAVED $67.99.

DIY chunky wood cutouts milk can craft

Framed Botanical Print

For my second inspiration project I came across these beautiful framed artworks. I definitely think these are beautiful. However, with a little bit of work, I didn’t see the need to pay this price. So I got to work, designed my own printable (See the link above), and picked up 2 picture frames from the Dollar Tree.

DIY framed botanical print craft cost comparison

This project was SO EASY and took me almost no time at all.

DIY framed botanical print craft

Wood Wall Panel With Wire Accents

This last project was a little more advanced because of the wires I worked with. Overall it’s very straight forward. Though, I will refer you over to the tutorial video for the visual steps.

DIY wood wall panel with wire accents cost comparison

I had all of these supplies on hand. I started by building the frame out of scrap wood pieces I cut to size. After building the frame, I added in my wire pieces to create the iron work. Yes, mine is a little different than the inspiration, but that is why DIYs are so much fun. You get to make it your own. I also went a little lighter on the brown dry bush distressing. I’m so happy with how mine turned out and I have the perfect place for it in my home. Can you believe these savings? Even if you had to buy the supplies to make it, it would still only cost you around $10 to make it.

DIY wood panel with wire accents craft

For Other Ideas, Try the Blue PRINTABLE

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this look for less post. You can also check out my Summer Coastal Farmhouse post. it has other great summer DIY inspirations, including a Free flower Printable in BLUE.

heidi sonboul summer coastal farmhouse  DIY inspiration crafts


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