Summer Coastal Farmhouse Home Decor Crafts

Summer Coastal Farmhouse Home Decor Crafts

With Summer just around the corner my excitement is building to decorate with calming blues and tan color schemes. A color pallet that is so relaxing and pleasing to the eye. Today I have 3 DIY crafts to share with you, as well as a tutorial video showing all the step by steps that I took to make them. ALSO, over on my YouTube Channel (Heidi Sonboul DIY) you will find a playlist linking to MANY other Crafters playing along in my challenge “The DIY Challenge”. The theme is Summer.

Free Printable To Go With These Crafts

Make sure to grab this FREE printable that I designed for you all today.


Wall Art Home Decor

Using the above printable, I created 2 beautiful HIGH END wall art home decor items. Wall art like this can have a huge price tag at some of my favorite stores. With just a few supplies you can also make these frames.

DIY Wall Art Home Decor Frame 1

Supplies: 2 – Dollar Tree Art Canvas Boards, Wood, The Free Printable, and Paint.

DIY Wall Art Home Decor Frame 2

Ombre Metal Planter Buck Vase

For my 2nd DIY craft, the inspiration came from Antique Farmhouse. One of my favorite sites. You can see that these buckets were so popular that they sold out. I couldn’t get past the price though. I knew that I could make it for just $1.00 and some paint.

DIY Ombre Metal Bucket Vase Comparison

The 2 most important steps for this DIY are to first spray paint a base coat of paint onto the bucket and then to blend the colors well to get that ombre summer look. After that, it’s just flicking on speckles of brown paint to give it the farmhouse enamel look. I did only made 1 bucket, but that is STILL a HUGE savings and I had a blast making it myself.

ombre blue and white metal bucket vase

Wooden Quote Blocks

My final DIY craft inspiration was found at Cedar Mountain. I LOVE these wooden quote blocks, but there is NO WAY I would ever pay $29 for these. It’s just wood and paint.

These are both items that I had on hand and knew that I could get the exact look for free.

DIY wooden quote block comparison

I love how mine turned out and I love the price even more. Now remember, if you don’t feel comfortable painting letters by hand, you can use a vinyl cutting machine or even stamps. I personally used acrylic stamps for my quotes and you can see how I did it in the video I shared on my channel.

DIY wooden quote blocks

I hope you felt inspired by these DIY crafts today and you will give them a try. I love the coastal farmhouse style at summer time and it just creates such a calming environment.


  1. Your a wonderful teacher!! I’ve been debating about starting to share my DIYs and upcycling projects but I’m not sure where I would start and how I would go about it. Do you happen to know if there 6 an available tutorial or video that would show a beginner how to start? My biggest concern is probably making sure I do this safely (not sure how much of my personal info would show) I love YouTube and just joined Facebook to watch more wreath tutorials & also use Instagram (IG I mostly post about my dog’s) lol. Any advice is most appreciated!! Take care and stay well and safe!!
    Jo-Anne 🇨🇦

  2. Donna Cooper

    Hello World 🌎, First I like to Thank you for all awesome diy you do. When I looking for inspiration you is spot on the dot. Thank you for providing the free printable they’re a life saver. You and Nina Lee have inspired me to invest in my own tools. Just love 💘 ❤ watching your videos.

  3. Christine

    Hello Heidi! Thank you for the “free printable”! I have been following your channel for about 7 months, loving your personality and talent! Added Instagram to my phone today, and printed from your site through my smart phone! I look forward to your “tutorials” and save them!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful messages with us!
    Now, to go get the prints💜

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